Hello all!! The title "Buffalostyle's Cel-O-Rama" would indicate a HUGE gallery. While my gallery isn't "huge" at the moment, I plan on making new additions quite frequently.

I will mainly collect cels from Bubblegum Crisis, Cutey Honey and Sakura Taisen however, I'm also on the lookout for cels from Gatchaman, Gundam (in all it's forms) and Macross. My tastes are pretty eclectic so there will probably be quite a mix to check out.

In time.

So, join me in watching my bank account dwindle as I strive to find that 'special' cel. Whatever that is.

News & Updates

7/17/2014Well...it sure has been some time since I have done any updating...all it took was finding some new Cutey Honey cels online recently and...viola...updates. Picked up some cels at Nan Desu Kan back in 2012 but I was having scanner issues at the time. Plus, I was kinda lazy, too...Since I figured out some new wrinkles, I'm probably gonna go back and rescan some older cels to get them a little bigger in size.
3/20/2006I added a new wrinkle to my gallery. My coming soon section will have pictures of cels that I either won in an auction or picked up from an on-line shop. The initial entries are from Shin Cutey Honey and Saber Marionette J.
3/11/2006Just added some new cels from Cutey Honey, Sakura Taisen and (one of my personal favorites) Saber Marionette J. Hope you like.
1/17/2006Well..my recent purchase from Yahoo Japan (BGC 2040 and Sakura Taisen) just got posted. Now, if my Cutey Honey cels would only come in soon...

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Buffalostyle's Crisis

Title Last Updated
*Buffalostyle's FAVS (10) 7/18/2014
Bakuretsu Hunters (1) 7/17/2014
Bubblegum Crisis 2040: Linna (9) 11/7/2006
Bubblegum Crisis 2040: Nene (4) 11/7/2006
Bubblegum Crisis 2040: Priss (8) 12/9/2005
Bubblegum Crisis 2040: Sylia (4) 1/17/2006
Bubblegum Crisis: OVA (1) 12/11/2005
Burn Up Excess (5) 3/31/2006
Coming soon (2) 5/31/2006
Cutey Honey (Shin): OP (1) 11/7/2006
Cutey Honey (Shin) OVA: Honey's transformations (1) 4/25/2008
Cutey Honey (Shin) OVA: misc charas (1) 10/22/2006
Cutey Honey (Shin): Episode 1 (6) 7/8/2011
Cutey Honey (Shin): Episode 2 (4) 7/17/2014
Cutey Honey (Shin): Episode 3 (3) 7/17/2014
Cutey Honey (Shin): Episode 5 (1) 8/28/2007
Cutey Honey (Shin): Episode 6 (6) 7/17/2014
Cutey Honey (Shin): Episode 7 (4) 7/8/2011
Cutey Honey (Shin): Episode 8 (2) 8/28/2007
Cutey Honey F: Honey (12) 11/7/2006
Cutey Honey F: Others (2) 11/7/2006
Cutey Honey F: Villains (5) 7/8/2011
Cutey Honey F-Kisaragi (4) 11/7/2006
Cutie Honey (1) 2/13/2006
Di Gi Charat (4) 7/18/2014
Dirty Pair (3) 6/18/2006
Dirty Pair: Flight 005 Conspiracy (2) 1/18/2013
Dirty Pair: Project Eden (1) 6/12/2006
Gatchaman OVA (5) 8/23/2007
Gundam (2) 4/27/2006
Macross 7 (3) 3/5/2012
Macross II (1) 11/13/2005
Nightwalker: The Midnight Detective (1) 7/17/2014
Saber Marionette J (4) 4/16/2006
Saber Marionette R (1) 1/19/2013
Sakura Taisen (15) 5/3/2006
Slayers (1) 11/13/2005

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