Buffalostyle's Cel-O-Rama


Cel sellers - When I go looking for cels, here is where I start...

Anime Museum - A good site with cels and sketches.
Mandrake - The legendary Mandrake. You can find just about anything here.
Animaxis - A great site for AIC related cels.

Info finders - Anime news, release dates, etc.

Anime on DVD - If you want release dates, they have your release dates. And more.
Anime News Network - The CNN of anime.

Blogs - These are blogs by fans.

Gunota - Gunota is for all of you Gundam Otaku (aka: Gunota) out there.
J-List side blog - This blog is brought to you by the good people at J-List. It covers Japanese pop culture. Be forewarned, there are some adult-themed links here, though.

Show sites - These are websites dedicated to some of my favorite shows.

Cheetaholics - Information site for one of the longest running American manga, Gold Digger.
Bleach Portal - I absolutely LOVE this show and this site has anything you need concerning Bleach.
Rumic World - Anything and everything Rumiko Takahashi.


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