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Bubblegum Crisis 2040
Just about any pics of the Knight Sabres in their bodysuits. These are extremely hard to find. More so than the hardsuit cels. Very High
Post-kiss with Leon, Priss blushing from getting busted by Linna and Nene. Ep. 24 Very High
Priss blushing after Leon catches her in her skimpy bodysuit. "It's a little cold to be wearing that outfit" High
Priss' eyes from beneath her helmet. Medium
Cutey Honey (Shin): OP
A cel of Honey from Shin Cutey Honey. Close-up. Very High
Cutey Honey (Shin) OVA: Honey's transformations
Honey vs. Virtual Hacker High
Hurricane Honey rollin' on her bike. High
Dirty Pair
Kei flashing her ID...Probably multi-layered. Very High
More Yuri from 10 episode OVA series High
Dirty Pair: Flight 005 Conspiracy
Yuri from Flight 005 Conspiracy High
Dirty Pair: Project Eden
Yuri from Project Eden Very High
Gatchaman OVA
Jun zipping up after getting on her motorcycle. (OVA1) Very High

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